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SecuriT Park

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Safety and services combined

SecuriTpark is the first secure parking area for heavygoods vehicles in the West of France.

An exceptional location in “La Crèche road center”, in the Western Atlantic at the junction of the motorways A10/A83.


  • 90 secure spaces 24h/24
  • at the junction of the motorways A10/A83 (E03-E05)
  • a maximum level of safety 




SecuriTpark is located on a strategic section of the French motorway at the junction of the A10 and A83 near Niort, an intersection between Bordeaux, Nantes and Paris in the West Atlantic region. This historic crossroads between the north and the south is traditionally a stopping point for drivers crossing the west Atlantic.



Safety and comfort

SecuriTpark meets the growing expectations of carriers and their customers, as well as the growing demands of insurance companies in terms of theft coverage; its objective is to offer a maximum level of safety by protecting high value-added goods and comfort for the truck drivers.

We have been awarded from the European Union for the quality of our equipment related to safety. 

SecuriTpark complies with the requirements of the insurance companies concerning the “theft” clause.

SecuriTpark has been awarded the “ESPORG CERTIFICATE Security Parking Area”, ESPORG being the 1st European network of secure parking areas and recognized as a Partner by TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association).

Running fully automatically, SecuriTpark provides the following surveillance equipment :

  • a 2.40m perimeter fence 
  • an airlock and vehicle blocking device on entry and exit points 
  • an entry and exit pedestrian access control with airlock
  • a 24-hour video surveillance system recording all movements
  • night lighting adapted to the safety and comfort of drivers




Services and facilities on-site and around

  • Free toilets and shower
  • Restaurants and hotels : Restaurant “Les Pyramides”, some hotels within 2 kilometers
  • Relaxation and recreational areas
  • Free and unlimited WIFI access
  • Heavy vehicle services : petrol stations, CNG and BioCNG station (AS 24) 




Current price list - april 2023

Fixed penalty of 100€ exclusive of VAT is charged when the parking is not paid


Means of payment CB, TELEPASS PL



We alert you to the fact that from 29 december, 2022, it will no longer be possible to pay in cash. In fact, we are going to give priority to payment methods by Télépéage badge (more than 90% of payments) and bank card.



To : [email protected]

Information requested :

  • Date and time of arrival
  • Date and time of departure 
  • Vehicle licence plate 
  • Name of the company


To : [email protected]

Information requested :

  • Date and time of arrival
  • Date and time of departure 
  • Vehicle licence plate 
  • Name of the company
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